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Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend at Police’s Hands For Another Time

Mpenzi Wa Mikononi Mwa Polisi Kwa Mara Nyingine

Artist’s boyfriend in police hands, is related to her rape case in 1995 where she was jailed for 4 years in New York. After serving the sentence he was required to put his name on the record books as Sex Offender

Kenneth Petty on Wednesday marched to a jihadist police, allegedly after leaving New York and moving to California, last year on the road was arrested for operating offenses. Police in the search found him on the records of the Sex Offender in New York but did not register his name in California.

TMZ has reported, he has already been brought to court and denied the charges, prosecutors wanted him to be interned but his lawyer has refused and promised to pay Tsh. 200 million as collateral for his client to be released.

He will be in strict custody and his passport is already being held. He will be taken back to the dock again on March 23 this year and if found guilty then he will go to jail for up to 10 years.

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